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Sentient Future Consulting helps you and your business live and operate more intentionally per what you value, to maximize fulfilment and eliminate regret with a REVOLUTIONARY evidence-based framework - “Sentient Process Network Theory”.

Sentient Process Network Theory combines Operations Research, Network Science, Psychology, and Technology to counter the Attention Economy threat on your time.

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Self and Contextual awareness above all else. Measure only what is relevant and actionable to what you value. Everything else is waste.
Emotion, Intuition, and Reason are all critical for an accurate understanding of yourself and your world. Learn these languages and skills.
Decision and Action are where the work gets done. Mind your process here and develop an accountability plan. It's your life after all.
Time & Space
Time is our universal currency. How you manage and spend it most wisely depends on what you value. Space is the market in which we buy, sell, and create the value that is worth our time.


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The Sentient Intention Project Reduces my Life’s Deficit Using the Intentional Time I Create in Others’ Lives

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Allen Funston, P.Eng., MBA, LSSBB




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Origin Story

I resigned from my Professional Engineering, Management Consulting, and Business Leadership role to raise my three children. During this time, I reflected on my growth and thought deeply about what lie ahead for all of us. The emerging Attention Economy is a serious threat to our long-term fulfilment, so I spent 1.5 years and 2,000+ hours at the intersection of my skillsets building an Intentional Living framework (Sentient Process Network Theory) that saves time and eradicates regret for anyone! I now spend my 100% scheduled / tracked time serving others and publicly documenting the Theory’s application in my own life to demonstrate how it works.

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