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Embrace a Deeper Understanding

You are Sentient

Unlock your potential with the help of Sentient Process Network Theory, uniting science, psychology, philosophy, and more

We Are Processes

Because you are unique, we offer solutions that address your individual and business needs

Networked Together

Align your actions with intentionality and clarity, and see transformative results

Achieve unparalleled clarity and make regret-proof decisions while aligning your time with what truly matters to you and your business

How it Works

We translate your qualitative values into actionable, quantitative steps, using time as our universal metric. Whether you’re an individual seeking clarity or a business aiming for growth, our methods are designed to serve you


“Allen is incredibly intelligent and has a big heart. He has a wide range of skillsets and processes his thoughts deeply before engaging. I have been working with him for a while and his quality of work never ceases to amaze me”

Kylie Chim
Founder & CEO - Trally
"Allen advocates for the smart use (and non-use) of technology to make it digestible to an on-the-go millennial like myself to create an intentional life"

Nibeer Dewan
Process/Analytics Consultant
"I find it incredible that one lecture and some short conversations with Allen have created a new instinct in me to consider what choices of time commitment I'm making every time I find myself unsure as to whether what I'm doing in that moment is really what I meant to do."

Dr. Andre Marziali, P.Eng.
UBC Professor / Director of Engineering Physics
"Allen is selfless and truly cares about your personal success. He has been integral to the development of my career and personal wellbeing. Allen is non-judgemental and has supported me unconditionally!"

Emily Chun
Human Resource Coordinator

Meet the Founder

Allen Funston, P.Eng., MBA, LSSBB

Founder, Sentient Future Consulting

An engineer, consultant, and thought leader, Allen has dedicated his life to helping other realize their value. His mission is to create time and value in the lives of others. With a proven track record of creating 1000x returns, Allen is intrinsically motivated to uplift both individuals and organizations


Our method isn’t a one-size-fits-all. We’ve mapped the entire human condition to craft strategies uniquely suited to you.

Yes! By recognizing time as a universal currency, we transform your personal values into actionable, measurable steps

It is an interdisciplinary approach combining science, engineering, psychology, philosophy, and more, aiming to map the human experience in a measureable, actionable way.

Yes, while each journey is unique, our principles apply universally, ensuring everyone finds their path to fulfillment.

No. We dive much deeper, merging multiple disciplines to create a holistic approach tailored just for you

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For direct inquires, reach out at info@sentientfuture.earth