The Future of Intentional Living

SENTIENT WORLDVIEW – The Future of Intentional Living

The Sentient Worldview is a future-oriented intentional living framework specifically designed to align your decisions, actions, and technology use with your life’s purposes and goals. This evidence-based lifestyle focuses your efforts, reduces waste, accelerates progress, increases fulfilment, and eradicates regret. The six fundamental skills and two dimensions are universal. Our future depends on how intentionally you use them in your life.

Customize the Sentient Worldview with YOUR values!

AUGMENT YOUR INTENT – Coaching for Intentional Living

Led by its Founder, Allen Funston, P.Eng., MBA, LSSBB, Sentient Future Consulting coaches you how to mindfully manage what you sense, how you interpret it, and how you respond, using technology only where it creates value. In detail, we help you define your purposes, set your goals, create your plan, execute it, measure your progress, and remain accountable to yourself and those you love.

Your prize is success, however YOU define it!

The Future of Intentional Living
Allen Funston, P.Eng., MBA, LSSBB – Founder, Sentient Future