001 – Introduction to Sentient Future and Intentional Living

A lot of the quick how-to’s lack a lot of the context that really allow us to align them with our own personal workflow styles. Then, a lot of the high-level mindfulness and meditation guidance is less practical and actionable than we would all like. What’s unfortunate is that it’s not like any of this advice is bad, but I’ve always felt like these two types of information were on two opposite ends of a spectrum (detailed/high-level), like it was missing something; like it was part of a larger, yet-to-be-defined “intentional living” framework. Perhaps we can look at them as part of a larger worldview where they could be useful, practical, and actually sustainable in our individual lives.

I wanted to find a more intentional way to help us feel more fulfilled and less regretful. With my background as an engineer and MBA, I understand a variety of technical concepts but am also quite interested in subjective topics like philosophy, creativity, and emotion. I knew there needed to be a practical method to leading a fulfilling life, one that was universally applicable and simple on the surface, yet with the depth for those who sought to stretch themselves. I’m thrilled to inform you that I’ve developed such a worldview, originally for myself, and I am sharing it with you here, and I truly believe that it will improve your life as it continues to do for me.

As I see it, there are only six fundamental skills in life: sensing yourself, sensing your context, interpreting what you sense with emotion and intuition, interpreting what you sense with reason, deciding what you are going to do, then acting. Of course there are underlying layers and structures, but if you are using and developing these six skills and are true to yourself, then you are not going to let time slip idly by nor live on auto-pilot. You will not be living out anyone else’s dreams but your own, and that’s what I believe truly drives fulfilment in and regret from our lives.

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